IS-FLA Ltd (the company) is the principal sales and manufacturing licensee for the new range of modern FURNITURE, LIGHTING and ACCESSORIES designed by Iain Sinclair (see Iain’s full history in his new book: 50 PRODUCTS FROM 50 YEARS).

Suitable for domestic and commercial environments, the new collection is an evolving range of beautiful, useful and sustainable products spearheaded by BACUS® advanced serving machine; a highly permutable trolley made almost entirely from anodised aluminium and finished to very high standards. BACUS® accessories include Bar Tools, Decanter Set and Chopping Board.

New products soon to follow include the SOLINAS chair and PLICOLUX pack-flat table lamp, an exercise in cardboard engineering.

The company is intent on continuing the IAIN SINCLAIR® brand growth based on inventive, better products, enabling low prices made possible by design ingenuity and where there are higher price points, costs must be justified by development costs, choice of materials, high quality finish, securing intellectual property rights and protecting those rights. Ironically, due to extreme plagiarism of Iain’s CARDSHARP® penknife, the Iain Sinclair brand is particularly strong in China and the USA. However, the poor quality copies that proliferate the internet, severely compromise the brand’s integrity and the company reputation, as poor deliveries and quality may be blamed on the inventor. Sinclair’s EON® was the world’s first flashlight to use white LEDs and patents were granted for a method of making them extremely bright (previously, LEDs were very limited in light output). Energy saving, bright, white LEDs have revolutionised virtually all lighting systems.As this is so vital a contribution to our energy saving needs, Iain decided, some years ago, not to prosecute the relevant patent infringements.